Mary Had a Little Lamb

Cinco de Mayo at Lakewood Brewing Co. There were a ton of people dancing behind the camera.  No, really, there were!

a little low

a perfect grunge song, makes so much sense making no sense. cracker song. video from charity event celebration white rock 2019 5/10K

now for a kiss

Fundraiser show at 508 Park in Dallas in 2018, home of Robert Johnson recording studio.

little sister

mimis birthday party, Christmas time 2018, epic. @ The Belmont, the funkiest hotel in Dallas.

Revivalized - It Was a Sin

we were set up to play inside, but the a\c broke, so we moved outside. We love the revivalists, out of LA as in NOLA, we see them play many times a year, the next one is May at JazzFest, good lord willin. what a beautiful song.